Monday, 19 July 2010

almost angie

almost angie
Upload feito originalmente por tonka bean
I don't know why I got into amigurumis... maybe they take me back to my childhood, maybe they are just so fun to make. I have been collecting patterns and I'm very interested in learning how to shape 3D objects in crocheting. I also have some ideas on using them as characters for little stories, but then I will have to design my own. So far I'm just learning and trying to make the ones from the patterns the best I can. Of course I always end up changing something, like the little angel that was supposed to have a behaved hair do, and now has a wild blond afro! It took a long time, and after many crochet chains Angie had a head full of thick curls. I think it was worthy.
(pattern by Lis Chaong from Saplanet Originals)

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