Monday, 23 August 2010

amazing discoveries

New and great finds:

-Wooden crochet hooks made by Jimbo. I had to order one of those made of Bois de Rose. I'm such a sucker for beautiful wood...

-Jane Thornley Knitwear. I've signed up for one of her KALs, very exciting. Her projects and patterns are freeform and very elegant.

-FridaKahlo's interesting crochet/knitting freeform projects. Here's her Ravelry and her Flickr page.

My crochet passion is developing fast... now I must try freeform! Actually I want to try freeform on both crochet and knitting.

And 2 of of the new crochet hooks I got at Purlescence got here today. One made by Ed Jenkins (in pink ivory), the other by Lantern Moon (ebony). Since I'm a freak, I had to "correct" a few things about them. I took the little pearl off the pink ivory hook, and I sanded the glossy varnish finish off the ebony hook. Then I rubbed a bit of my blend of carnauba/beeswax on it, and polished it. I like my wood feeling and looking like wood! Now I'm happy, and I'm going to actually try crocheting with them.

ETA: I love the Lantern Moon hook, but I'm not crazy about Ed Jenkin's head/throat style. Of course this is highly personal stuff!

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